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Health Picture gives Medicare subscribers and their loved ones a safe, convenient place to  track and view health  details.  With your account, you instantly have an organized view of medical history, any elevated risk factors, and insights for better health.

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What is Health Picture?

What is Health Picture?

You can give access to those you trust to help you with your care by inviting them to share your Health Picture account. This ensures everyone is on the same page without the hassle and stress of trying to find old Medicare bills, copies of medical records, or medication receipts. It’s all there.

With your medical information at your fingertips you will be more prepared for conversations with doctors, whether in an urgent situation or during scheduled office visits.

And that’s Health Picture – a ready and easy connection, focused on what matters.

— just 3 easy steps

Just 3 easy steps

How does it work?

How does it work?

— step 1

Create Account

Create your Health Picture account as either a Medicare Subscriber or Caregiver

— step 2

Connect Medicare

For Medicare subscriber, connect to

— step 3

View Health Data

View and share the personalized health information on – that’s it!

Who is eligible to see their health data in Health Picture?

Anyone who is signed up for any of these:

  • Medicare Part A (hospital and other facility)
  • Medicare Part B (professional fees)
  • Part D (drugs)
  • Medicare Advantage plan with a Part D benefit
Medicare Blue Button

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Are you a Medicare Subscriber?

Health Picture gives you easy access to your history of medical events, which doctors, you saw, when, and why something is important. Health Picture helps you gain insights that allow you to take charge of your care. If you wish, you can securely share your Health Picture with your loved ones so they can support your healthcare needs, no matter where they live.

Are you a Caregiver and Advocate of a Medicare Subscriber?

Health Picture provides you with insights into your loved one’s care and health, with their permission of course. Once authorized, caregivers can see the Medicare subscriber’s visits, the list of medical conditions, and areas that require focus and follow-up with Healthcare professionals.  Now you and other trusted family members can work together to help your loved one with tough decisions, even when you can’t be there in person.

What's included?

Free access

Free access to your Health Picture account and ability to opt out at any time.

Provider directory

A comprehensive Provider Directory of anyone who has been a part of your care journey while on Medicare to easily reconnect or follow-up with questions.

Secure info sharing

Secure Health Information Sharing with loved ones or clinicians to enable an informed support network for improved care.

Medical records

A concise Historical Medical Record of your Medicare data with a detailed timeline of visits, diagnosed conditions, medications, procedures, performed tests, and therapy sessions, which is available to you no matter where you received care.

Health insights

Access to Health Insights explaining susceptibility to common conditions based on each Medicare subscriber’s unique healthcare history, thus giving you the starting point for meaningful conversations with your medical team.

Answers at your fingertips

  • Am I in better health than others my age?
  • What can I do to avoid going to the hospital?
  • Does my mom have any prescriptions she’s forgotten to fill?
  • Is my dad at above average risk for pneumonia?
  • What was the name of that doctor we saw last fall?  And what’s her phone number?