Am I Eligible?

Health Picture provides a focused view of all Medicare claims. This is made possible by Medicare’s data service called Blue Button that makes it easy to share Part A, Part B, and Part D claim information with Health Picture, an authorized application. You can return to at any time to change the way Health Picture uses your information.

For Medicare Advantage Plans, only Part D information is available through this service.

More information on Medicare

There are four parts of Medicare. Each one helps pay for different health care costs:

Included – Original Medicare. Parts A and B are run by the federal government.

Part A helps pay for hospital and facility costs. This includes things like a shared hospital room, meals and nurse care. It can also help cover the cost of hospice, home health care and skilled nursing facilities.

Part B helps pay for medical costs. This is care that happens outside of a hospital. It includes things like doctor visits and outpatient procedures. It also covers some preventive care, like flu shots.

Not included – Part C helps pay for hospital and medical costs, plus more. Part C plans are only available through private health insurance companies. They’re called Medicare Advantage plans. They cover everything Parts A and B cover, plus more. They usually cover more of the costs you’d have to pay for out of pocket with Medicare Parts A and B. Part C plans put a limit on what you pay out of pocket in a given year, too.

Included – Part D helps pay for prescription drugs. Part D plans are only available through private health insurance companies. They’re called prescription drug plans. They cover commonly used brand-name and generic drugs. Some plans cover more drugs than others.

How can I link my Medicare health records with Health Picture?

These detailed instructions will help you through every step of the sign-up process

Step 1: Discover

Click the link in Health Picture to connect your Medicare data with Health Picture.


Step 2: Authenticating with

First make sure you have a account and can login.


If you have a MyMedicare login and you remember your username and password, you can go directly to: 

Step 3: Sign-In and Authorize Health Picture

Forgotten credentials

Use the “Trouble Signing in” link if you are unable to remember your Username and/or Password, or are unsure if you have a MyMedicare account.

Find the following information to reset or check your credentials:

  • Medicare Number
  • Last Name and Suffix (if appropriate)
  • Date of Birth

After providing this information and answering a challenge question you will be led through further pages until credentials are reset.

Create an Account:

If you do not have an account on, create one using the “Create Account” link. The following provides detailed steps to create your account:

In order to sign up for a account you will need your Medicare card. This has their Medicare Number and the Medicare Part A and Part B eligibility dates.

Special note for Medicare Advantage members who want to see their Part D (pharmacy) claims: Enter the eligibility date of your Part A or Part B plan from your Medicare card. Sign-up Step 1 – Enter Your Information:

The screen to create an account are shown to the right:

When the continue button is clicked a security popup will be displayed. Click ok to continue: Sign-up Step 2 – Address Verification:

Medicare checks a beneficiary’s address against information provided by the Social Security Administration so you have to update your address on their website. 

The online link to do an address update is: https://www.ssa

It can take 7-14 days for the address change to be updated in the Medicare system.

The address verification is the next page to be displayed. This is Page 2 of 4: Sign-up Step 3 – Register a Username and Password:

Create a Username, choose a secret question and enter an answer, enter an Email Address (this is optional) and create a password for your account.



Medicare Sign-up Step 4 – Confirmation:

Upon hitting Continue, you will see a confirmation screen will be displayed with the username and the date that the account was created.

The final step: Authorize Health PictureSign in and Authorize

The Sign In option allows you to authorize access of your data to Health Picture. The Authorization screen looks like this:

There are two options:

  1. Yes, approve access
  2. No, do not approve access

Yes, approve access

If you choose the Yes option, you enable linking of your records.

If you wish to revoke access to Health Picture at a future time, go to, login using their Medicare Username and password and go to the application dashboard in to revoke access permission.

No, do not approve access

If you do not approve access your health records will not be viewable in Health Picture.

After this final step at the website, you will automatically be redirected to your Health Picture account. You will immediately see your health data and insights and you will be able to invite any trusted individuals to help with your care.