Release notes

Version 1.5

The new features in this release will give more clarity to medication information and provide notifications on subscriber health data updates. In addition, we are improving the conditions view to include a list of existing chronic conditions.

In 2021, new regulations are requiring insurance companies to provide access to claims data at an individual level. In response, we have been working to expand our connection capabilities to provide a view for our Medicare Advantage users, starting with those who are covered by Humana.

Medication Brand and Classification

We understand that not everyone knows how to translate the generic name of their medication to a brand that helps people understand what they are taking. Additionally, it’s not always easy to know what the class of drug the medication fits into. With this update we are providing those details in the Medication view (where available).

The brand information is also available as a popup on the medication fills timeline view.

Notifications for Information Updates

To assist in letting you know when new information is available from the connection with, notifications will be sent out as long as you are subscribed to receive updates. If you do not wish to receive updates you will be able to click Unsubscribe within the email or change your preferences in Manage Profile once you log in.

Support for Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

If you have Humana for your insurance coverage, you can now connect your information to Health Picture. This release is the first where this functionality is available. If you are interested in seeing your information in Health Picture coming from Humana, please reach out to and we can provide more details on how to do so.

Added a Tab for Diagnosed Chronic Conditions

Within the Conditions view, we added a new tab that displays any chronic conditions which are present based on the entire history of information available from the connected source. The determination of these conditions is based on the frequency of reported diagnosis codes, as well as the types of visits. This listing is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a formal diagnosis of a condition. Please discuss with a physician regarding any health concerns you may have.

Clicking on a condition within this view will show you more details regarding how that condition is defined.

If the tab is not present then there were no chronic conditions determined from the available information. In this case, you will only see the tab for All Diagnoses.

Identification of Clickable Elements for More Information

To make areas of the application more accessible and understandable, we’ve added an underline style to all elements that provide additional details or information.

Version 1.4.4

This minor release adjusts a couple of the newer features to be less confusing.

Insights and Risk Displays

To improve the understanding of the health risk tutorials, we updated the images used to emphasize that the data is for example only and should not be confused with data that is available for you or your loved one.

When clicking on the name of the prediction to see more information on what this means, we’ve removed the primary drivers when you are found to be at average or lower risk. While these may at times be informative, they are most useful when you are found to be higher risk.

Onboarding Privacy Policy

When going through the Connect to Medicare page, the link to find out more about our privacy policy was intended to provide a second look at the summary instead of sending you to the privacy policy long text. For those interested, you can still get to the long text through the summary that is displayed.

Medicare Reconnection

It was found that there was no clear path to reconnect your Medicare account if you disconnected it from If it’s detected that this has occurred, or if the connection has been disrupted in any way, there is now an informative popup that will guide you through either reconnecting your account or removing your Health Picture account.

Version 1.4

This major release introduces new tools to help Health Picture users understand the conditions and events that were important in the past and the likelihood of future health risks. In the updated Health section, we compare individuals to others of the same sex and age as well as show the actual likelihood of more than 20 possible health outcomes. Please take the time to view the new Summary and Insights tutorials to learn how to interpret the information. You can also opt out of seeing risks if that is not of interest (and opt back in if you change your mind).

Summarization of Health Factors

The newly created Summary page is a combination of information that we were able to determine based on the health history, as well as what that means for you, or your loved one’s, current health.

We added a 24-month health trend line that provides information on fluctuations due to health events you have experienced. This trend highlights some of the details around those events as well as displays your current status based on recent visit information. For any areas where you are still at a higher risk, you can see more details when you click the area of focus.

More Insights Laid out by Body Systems

The insights display has gotten a facelift (no more gauges) with a number of new assessments being provided, as well. These have been laid out by body system to see any related health issues listed together. We’ve added descriptive information to help you understand what is being shown, and what this information means specifically to you or your loved one.

When you click the risk, a window shows more information regarding our findings, as well as the primary drivers that are drawn from your health history.

Opt In to See Insights

We realize that not everyone is comfortable seeing potential health risks. With this in mind, we have created a way for you to opt in to seeing this information before showing it to you. If you do opt out you can always manage this setting in your profile to see them should you change your mind.

Clinical View of Insights

To share the Health Picture Health Insights with your doctor, please send an email to We will reach out and walk you through what is needed to make this happen. When an authorized doctor logs in, they will see physician-specific views, tailored to inform and facilitate a conversation about potential health risks.

Sort Conditions by Impact to Health

In the History section, on the Conditions page, you can now sort the reported conditions displayed by the impact they have on current health. Those conditions displayed in the “Recent conditions with higher impact to your health” section are sorted higher to lower impact, which will prioritize more recent events over any older ones. Items that display below the “Older or lower impact conditions” section are sorted by date only.

Layout of Medication Information

We’ve moved the medication summary info to the History section under Medications. This offers two ways to see the medication fill information in one place. The 6-month Timeline view now includes the prescribing physician when you click on the colored bars in the chart.


We resolved an issue in the navigation of the application that took you back to the login page if you used the browser back button. This should perform as expected by taking you back to the previously viewed screen.

Version 1.3

Our focus for this release revolved around providing more information for the health history displays.

Timeline Display for Visits

To help in navigation and visualization of your visits, we’ve added a timeline at the top which will allow you to see information at a glance and navigate to the actual visit via a click.

Additional Visit Details

The History pages have been updated to include additional information from the Medicare connection and make these details accessible to you when you need them. Conditions now displays the last doctor associated to a diagnosis. Medications shows the prescribing doctor for each prescription. Procedures will display the performing doctor. Tests now provides the ordering doctor. Therapies will show the location where the Therapy was performed. For each doctor that is displayed on these pages you can also see their contact information by tapping or clicking their name.

Visit Detail Display

Multi-day surgeries have been highlighted to be easier to find, and clarification has been added to visits previously classified as Other. Those classifications now include assisted living visits, chronic care management, and consultations.

Mobile Version of Connection Invitations

The experience of inviting a connection using your mobile device has been improved for readability at that screen size.

Demographic Information Sharing

The Blue Button data service allows users to opt out of sharing their demographic information with Health Picture as of September 10, 2020. With this change, users who chose to opt out did not have a way to provide this information in the application and therefore could not view their future health risks on the Insights page. The change allows users to manually update this information in their profile by going to Manage Profile to update their age and sex.

Updated Provider Information

Some provider specialties were not showing the physician’s latest information. This data was updated to reflect changes and improve accuracy.

Visit Classifications details from Outpatient Claims

In some areas, facilities report regular office visits on different claim types reported to Medicare. In those cases it would appear that the application was not properly displaying all of the visits as expected. We were able to find the information for those visits and ensure that data was being properly displayed to fix unexpected gaps in Visits.

Version 1.2

This release provides some new items around data updates and availability, as well as improvements to usability.

Last Updated Display

To provide better visibility into when the information has last been successfully retrieved from the Medicare system, there is now a visible indicator in the page header to show when this information was retrieved and when Health Picture last checked for new information from Medicare. Please keep in mind that Medicare data is not real-time and still depends on your provider’s submission of the claim to Medicare and the successful processing of that claim to be available.

Data Availability Messaging

You’ll now see a message that tells you if your lack of healthcare activity and/or your Medicare coverage is the cause for lack of information in certain Health Picture views.

Medicare Connection

If you sign up as a subscriber by accepting an invitation for your health advocate, we’ve made the process of coming back to the application to connect your Medicare a lot easier. There is now a button on the Connections page which will take you through the process without needing to find it within the Profile Management. 

Session Expiration Notice

The application is set to log you out after a period of inactivity to protect your privacy and account information. When this happens, you will now see an information banner on the top of the login screen with a message regarding the automatic logout.

COVID-19 Testing and Displays

We updated the supported codes to properly display COVID-19 tests and procedures.

Some of the conditions being shown in the COVID-19 Risks page appeared to duplicate when a condition was reported with different coding multiple times. This will now be properly accounted for as one risk factor.

User Experience Adjustments

We’ve adjusted the way providers are displayed so they are no longer shown in all capital letters

The Condition Details sorting was fixed to be consistent with the rest of the page by displaying last reported first.

If you have sent invitations, any pending invites will be displayed at the top of the Connections page instead of the bottom.

Version 1.1

In this release you will notice some new information regarding COVID-19 and your health. We’ve also added the ability to view the application on more screen sizes, including your mobile phone and we’re improving workflows based on your initial feedback to provide a better overall experience.

Covid-19 Risk Information

When you log into the application you will now see a banner that provides information on the potential risk of a severe outcome from COVID-19. You can click Learn More to view the report or the X  to remove the banner. You can also access the report from the new COVID-19 Risk menu item. Health Picture uses the existing, reported conditions referenced against the CDC’s current guidelines to help better understand what would cause a higher risk scenario should you be diagnosed with COVID-19. At the bottom of the page we included links to the official CDC website related to staying healthy, list of risk factors, and advice on what to do if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Get Additional Context

Help text has been added to each page under the :question_mark: icon to explain what you are seeing on the page.

Change Your Password

We’ve added the ability for you to change your password while logged in. This is available through the top right menu under the gear icon as an option for Change Password.

Access Using More Device Types

The web application has been improved to provide a better user experience when you are viewing on your tablet or mobile phone devices. All pages are currently updated and supported on your mobile phone with the exception of the Summary which is best viewed on a tablet or desktop device. To see the web application on your mobile phone it will need to support web browsing.

Clearer Menu Choice for Settings

To make the top right menu better represent Settings functionality, we have switched to a gear icon.

Streamlined Steps for a Better Experience

If you are a Medicare Subscriber who is not connected to any Health Advocates or a Health Advocate that is connected to only one Medicare Subscriber, you are now taken directly to the Visits page instead of the Connections page when you log in to Health Picture. You will still have access to the Connections page to invite others or manage who you are connected to by selecting it from the top right menu.

The on-boarding experience was adjusted to help users who were invited through the application, by pre-populating the email address field once the invitation is accepted. The address that will populate is the one in which the invitation link was sent. This will help reduce mistyping the address during sign-up and potentially causing a scenario that makes completing the process more difficult.

To avoid an accidental deletion of your account we have added a confirmation toggle that must be switched prior to activating the delete button and confirming your decision. If you do decide this, we hope you will provide feedback before you go on why you no longer want your account. To do so you can send us an email at or choose the Provide Feedback option from the menu. Your feedback will be valuable as we continuously work to improve the user experience.

Improved Screen Size Support

In some resolutions such as on your phone or at higher resolutions on a desktop PC, the Insights tutorial was making it difficult to activate the button at the bottom of the page. We’ve implemented better detection of the scrolling behavior to make this easier.

Better Messaging for Unavailable Data

When a Medicare Subscriber doesn’t have what is considered Original (or Fee-For-Service) Medicare coverage, but is covered through a Medicare Advantage plan, we cannot pull data to populate the Insights page. We have improved how the product behaves in these situations by utilizing the coverage information that we get from Medicare.

Connection to Medicare Data

A problem was occurring when attempting to refresh data from the Medicare servers that invalidated any prior approvals we had received from signed up users and effectively disconnected them from the application. This issue was resolved so users see new information as it is processed and added by Medicare each time they log in.

Version 1.0

The inaugural release of Health Picture is focused on providing a curated view of the health history for Medicare subscriber’s, with the goal of helping them and their trusted health advocates to gain a clearer focus on the care of the individual. This version provides foundational functionality to provide further insights in the future, as outlined below.

Connect Your Medicare Data

To start, we provide a way for you to connect your Medicare data with Health Picture, and filter that information to different displays for you to understand it in a more meaningful way.

Health History

To make understanding your Medicare data easier, doctor visits, conditions, medications, procedures, tests, and therapy prescriptions, we’ve created a friendly layout to make it simple. All of this information is available to you at the click of a button, sortable by date, and able to be searched.

Provider Listing

All of the providers you have seen while on Medicare will be displayed for you to review and use to lookup contact information if you need to reach out to them, or remember who that specialist was.

Health Insights

We want to help you get the most out of your healthcare by providing helpful insights on potential risks, and aid in discussions with your doctor. While this information is not a diagnosis, and should not be used as one, we feel it’s important for you to have an informed approach to conversations when it comes to your health.

Invitations and Connections

Healthcare doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. We’ve made it simple for either you or one of your trusted health advocates to start an invitation to connect your Health Picture accounts. We’ve taken steps to make sure it’s all secure to protect your privacy, while providing you all with a simple way to collaborate and get a clearer picture of your health.

If you have any question regarding these offerings within the Health Picture application, please feel free to reach out to us and let use know at